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STC MCU Protection Break

STC offers a wide range of microcontrollers based on the 8051 architecture ranging in code density from 512 bytes to 62K bytes. The product line includes 8-bit microcontrollers based on the powerful, low-power Single-Cycle STC-51 core as well as MCS-51 industry standard socket drop-in devices and small footprint 8/16/18/20/28-pin derivatives and DIP/SOP/PLCC/SSOP/QFN packages. All manufactured in advanced Flash technologies by world famous semiconductor manufacturer TSMC. All members in this product line include ISP (In-System Programming) capability, while some also support IAP (In-Application Programming) mode which is able to modify the program ROM by the microcontroller itself.

There're many special features beside standard 80C51:
Internal Reset, RC Oscillator, WDT, Super Security, stand alone baud generater, low power

And also several application specified features:
ADC, PWM/PCA/DAC, SPI, up to 4 UARTs, up to 6 timers

STC single-cycle 8051 devices can be used in existing 80C51-based applications with binary-level code compatibility while substantially increasing performance by a factor of 6 to 12 times, up to 35MIPS.

Thanks to China's huge market, the cost STC 8051 micr controllers can beat any competitors without sacrifice quality and performance. This exciting family brings more features and peripherals to the users while reduce the cost dramatically.

  • Mikatech STC MCU reverse engineer list:
  • STC89Cxx Series MCU copy protection attack: STC89C51RC STC89C52RC STC89C53RC STC89C54RD+ STC89C58RD+ STC89C516RD STC89C516RD+ STC89C58RD ...

    STC89LExx/LVxx Series MCU copy protection attack: STC89LE51RC STC89LE52RC STC89LE53RC STC89LE54RD+ STC89LE58RD+ STC89LE516RD+ STC89LE516AD STC89LE516X2 STC89LE52AD STC89LE54AD STC89LE556AD STC89LE556X2 STC89LE58AD STC89LV516RD STC89LV58RD ...

    STC90Cxx Series MCU copy protection attack: STC90C51RC STC90C52RC STC90C54RD STC90C58RD STC90C516RD ...

    STC10Fxx Series MCU copy protection read: STC10F04 STC10F04XE STC10F08 STC10F08XE STC10F12 STC10F12XE STC10F14X ...

    STC11Fxx Series MCU copy protection attack: STC11F01E STC11F02E STC11F03E STC11F04E STC11F05E IAP11F06 STC11F60XE STC11F56XE STC11F52XE STC11F48XE STC11F40XE STC11F32XE STC11F20XE STC11F16XE STC11F08XE STC11F62X ...

    STC12Cxx Series MCU copy protection attack: STC12C1052 STC12C2052 STC12C4052 STC12C5052 STC12C5410 STC12C5410AD STC12C5402 STC12C5402AD STC12C5404 STC12C5404AD STC12C546 STC12C5406AD STC12C5408 STC12C5408AD STC12C5410 STC12C5410AD STC12C5412 STC12C5412RD ...

    STC12LExx Series MCU copy protection read: STC12LE1052 STC12LE2052 STC12LE4052 STC12LE5052 ...



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